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Troy (aka Florence Handyman) has been showing off his handyman services around our facilities for several months. (note: painting, lighting,,, carpentry, remodeling) He has the talent and knowledge to do most anything thrown at him and has been a huge asset on jobs both big & small, simple & complex. We have multiple locations throughout the Shoals area (note: Long-Lewis, Extreme Auto Design, Napa Auto Parts, Ivory Tower downtown Florence) of which he has completed work for. He is always very prompt, professional, and polite. His work is done efficiently and with great care & quality. I can't say enough about Troy's amazing attitude and work ethic! He is a class act!!

Tricia Cutshall
VP of Employee & Customer Relations
Long-Lewis Auto Group

I have worked with Troy Canterberry, (Florence/Bakersfield Handyman) since before 1998. Troy was the best handyman I have ever had the pleasure to work with and he is sorely missed. I've been a Realtor for more than 30 years and I believe that says a lot about Troy's expertise. His work is always professional, timely and client satisfaction was always 100%. His overall knowledge and experience FAR exceeded the norm in his field. There was never a time when he was not able to fix a problem (no matter how complicated) and he always considered the cost.

He is honest, hard-working, dependable and will be an asset to anyone who is so fortunate to have him work for them. I can't say enough about his knowledge and work ethic. I definitely wish him well. However, I wish he was still here! He is basically irreplaceable.

Miramar International

Sandy Segrest
Miramar International - Mill Rock

There are many things I can say about Troy/Florence Handyman/Bakersfield Handyman. He started doing maintenance work for the Management Trust Company in 2008. There was very little that Troy couldn't do and if he couldn't do something he was very straight forward and honest about it. We manage several Home Owner Associations (HOAs). The home owners loved him and so did all the HOA board members. He was very efficient and did not disappoint. As time went on all of our HOA board members & managers started using Troy for their personal maintenance & repair related jobs. They were always very happy with his work.

We miss him dearly and nobody has been able to fill his shoes since he moved to Alabama.
Anyone hiring him should feel very fortunate!

The Management Trust logo

Dora Acosta
Executive Community Manager
The Management Trust Inc

Timothy Garzelli recommends Florence Alabama Handyman on January 27Honest and reliable . Quality of work has always been outstanding at a fair and reasonable price .

Phylliss Taylor recommends Florence Alabama Handyman on February 1Fair And Honest Businessman That Offers Quality Workmanship.

Michelle Hicks  recommends Florence Alabama Handyman on March 29I've had two ceiling collapses and two subfloor failures, not to mention various odds and ends (faucet replaced, locks changed). Troy has fixed them all!! Great work and a great guy!!

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